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Akerne Orchids Belgium (ОрхидЕвро)

Irene: Akerne Orchids Belgium http://www.akerne-orchids.com/

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Osinka: У Аллы Топаз есть масдевалия от этого поставщика. Я видела это растение - крепкое, хорошее, загляденье

Забава : Да, растения от этого поставщика отличного качества, но вот заказы везде набираются крайне медленно...

житиЁ МОЁ: От: Kenneth Bruyninckx [mailto:kenneth@akerne-orchids.com] Отправлено: 14 April 2017 15:32 Кому: list@orchid-talk.co.uk Тема: [OrchidTalk] Akerne Orchids the new generation After nearly 39 years of professional orchid growing, the time has come for our 'pension'. Akerne Orchids was born on the 1st of July 1978, as the result of an 'overgrown' hobby. Litteraly thousands of orchids have I repotted during all those years, polished, arranged and rearranged like a well trainded army. Besides his carreer in the chemical industry, Dirk has made tonnes of potting mix, he has given countless cubic metres of water to the plants and... he has developed and perfectioned RAIN MIX®, based on the MSU fertiliser. When entering the greenhouse many customers looked straight away to their right, to see if I was sitting at my potting table, many of them must have thought that I was actually glued to that chair and when I was for once busy in another part of the greenhouse, the first reaction was : 'oh, she is not here' ☹. Our customers need not worry, in our eldest son Kenneth we have found a worthy successor. As a child he was already interested in the world of plants. He grew up amongst the orchids and in his spare time he helped so often in the nursery that he learned all the tricks of the trade over the years. In addition he is one of two Belgians who can call himself 'British Orchid Council judge', the other one living in the UK. Rest assured you will not have to miss us alltogether, we remain close by, we help where we can, the old potting place has been replaced by a new one behind the screens and Dirk will still be available for technical advice. We are very proud to present you the new owner of Akerne Orchids: Kenneth Bruyninckx. Dirk and Diane Bruyninckx - De Langhe

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